Corporate photography for annual reports, brochures and marketing is a specialty that I developed right at the beginning of my career.  Indeed, some of my favorite documentary projects have not been for magazines but for organizations, universities, hospitals and corporations.  My lighting and photographic design skills are at home both on-location and in the studio. Some of my corporate clients , have included Siemens, Apple, Goldman Sachs, The Carlyle Group, Stanford University, MIT, Ferrari, Audi,Nike, Daimler, Sandvik, Springtime, Target, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Villanova University, University of Chicago and Societe Generale. For many of these companies I was sent to a location to tell the a visual story about what this organization stands for and why they are not just successful but also human centered. My shoot for the Dutch Development Bank in the Project section called Salkit Wind Farm  tell the story of how an international team of engineers, riggers, diggers and even cooks come together in the Mongolian steppe to construct Mongolia’s first wind farm. The story is as much about the integration of the international staff as with the technology itself. While these assignments are frequently photojournalistic I’m also adept and experienced creating more stylized and conceptual portraits and landscapes. See my portraits in the Editorial Portrait section of the Ferrari owners for examples of this kind of work. I’m eager to hear about the work you are doing and how I can help tell that story in picture and now in video as well.

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