Blog: Nyc Icons

June 16th, 2014

There was quite a lot to do on this trip back to the States. A 30th reunion and my brother’s 60th birthday left just enough time for a quick trip to New York City. Mid spring weather brought great skies. The kind of clouds and strange light that makes photographers gawk and walk into man-holes. New York and I had a good rapport that weekend. Perhaps tourist shy from braving too many harsh and over populated Chinese tourist sites I questioned my decision to head over to the the World Trade Center Memorial. As a I approached the site I felt an strange sense of anticipation. Would the memorial be worthy? Would it be noble and meaningful? Perhaps it was the sky that day but it was a dramatic and deep place to visit. The main visual motif,  a void, sucking in air and water into an unknown depth was visually and emotionally powerful.

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