Blog: Xitang and Nanxun- Tourist Hell or Charming Village

June 25th, 2014

Xitang and Nanxun: Villages on the China’s Grand Canal.
I suppose I like old bridges and I certainly like small towns, so at some point I’m sure I must have expressed an interest in going to some of the small river towns that still exist on China’s Grand Canal. When my friend first suggested a weekend getaway to this area near Shanghai it occurred to me that it could be an invitation to “Chinese tourist hell”. That would be a place boasting of true historical significance but attracting so many tourists and souvenir shops that the whole site is overwhelmed. It’s basically useless. This was my fear but my friend was undeterred and determined to give it a try. To make matters worse it was going to rain all weekend. Umbrellas, small alleys filled with trinket shops, and tiny fairy bridges don’t go well together.

Ok, so Xitang was indeed a bit of Chinese tourist hell but it turns out that Nanxun, a neighboring town, is quite lovely and not developed as one giant souvenir stand. How lovely it was! Though Nanxun does have its share of tourism its not overwhelmed by it. There are still real people living their lives along the canals. What a relief!

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