Blog: A Yangon Day-Myanmar

October 29th, 2014

Over a year ago the writer Mitch Moxley and I traveled to Yangon, Myanmar to work on a story about the country’s new policies regarding newspaper publishing. For the first time in decades Myanmar was allowing independent daily newspapers. This was another significant milestone in Myanmar’s reformation. I posted the pictures here. I waited for a couple of days for the paper we were following to start their daily print runs and in the meantime had a chance to see a few of Yangon’s local attractions. These are the photos seen above.

Even though its now many months since that first trip to Yangon I’m still in touch with the feelings I had of exploring those streets, temples and docks. Wandering around the docks, as passengers disembark from upstream and witnessing busy dockhands filling the riverside wharehouses was a window on a culture, just a bit slower and more basic than the one I was familiar with. The temples polished and adorned in gold were in stark contrast to the rest of the city where surfaces had been worn bare. The city has  a rail line that travels in a loop around Yangon’s outskirts. The cars fill and empty with the farmers, livestock, girls selling watermelon, monks,blind minstrels and students all coming into central Yangon. Though you can feel a sense of hope in the political reforms and the infrastructure improvements the ancient and colonial past is still very much present and alive.

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